Anything you can imagine.

Scripted content on monitors. Visual feeds. Creating the background in your scene. From television sets to computer monitors, to phones and laptops, your  playback goals come to life. Our team provides anything from realistic internet searches and websites, heart rate monitors and cell-phone apps, to video assist and graphic design for real-time playback. From research to installation, we go live, on set. Consider it done.

The buzz about us…

Just Add Magic is a production that moves very quickly on limited “kid time,” and yet we often do a lot of layered inlines and VFX. Sometimes we do a lot more VFX than what might normally be successful on a series schedule. But with the services from Sim, it offered us the right integration between camera, dailies, post and VFX, which helped us score that goal each time.

Mark Doering-Powell, ASC

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Camera Lighting & Grip Post