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  • AM PRODUCTION is a production of Alain MBouche, specializing in visual effects, production, direction and post production services.

  • I accompany you in writing your film or project, to tell your story as neat as possible. Then I assure the artistic direction, the animation and even the sound! In short, I know how to do everything (except stay humble): I deliver turnkey movies!


3D White gold ring set with diamonds Modeling in 3DS MAX SOFTWARE.


  • Using poly modeling technique from a primUsing poly functions to make the details
  • Creating jewelry in 3ds Max
  • Basic materials in Mental Ray
  • Basic lightning and render settings in Mental Ray
  • Post production in Photoshop


  • If you want to make a movie, you have something to say. With you, we are working to find the most SIMPLE and PERCUTANT way to say it. Because sometimes, it is better that it is short
  • .
  • The various key stages of the film are validated on storyboard: it is time to start the animation. A long and tedious process when you want to obtain a quality result.

Services provide in AM PRODUCTION:

  • Conception
  • Production
  • Post-production
  • Green screen
  • Visual effect
  • Sound design
  • Filmmaker


  • The choice of 2D or 3D, also participate to tell a story, or to identify a brand. This is not an innocuous choice, it is important to do the right thing.
  • The various key stages of the film are validated on storyboard: it is time to start the animation. A long and tedious process when you want to obtain a quality result
  • I dresse the appropriate sound animations and gives them life. You can compose an original music, or buy one.

GREEN SCREEN (or blue)

  • The green background (or blue) allows to cut actors to insert them in a different frame. Whether creating a realistic setting or on the contrary stylizing the graphics,

  • A film shot on a green background can often bring a unique and immediately recognizable touch to the communication of a company.


  • Here you can find a part of my last work or project a worked for.
    Cinema, TV Commercial, Compagny Marketing, Musical show promo ect.

  • A Demo Reel, or a demo tape in the language of Molière, presents in one or two minutes the achievements of a company. In mine, i put a little bit of everything.


  • Besides 3D modeling, Cinema 4D enables its users to create animations, perform rendering or texturing tasks and it offers a rich library of object presets, scenes and materials. In addition to sculpting tools, the 3D artist can utilize Polygon and Parametric modeling options in their projects. Furthermore, Splines enable you to create complex 3D objects, while Deformers let you twist or compress these objects without having to worry about their geometry.

  • Digital compositing software can perform even the most demanding tasks. Nuke grants you access to both 2D and 3D compositing as well as the Editorial options. 2D compositing features include a Nodal toolset, Deep image compositing, Rotoscoping, or Warp Effects, while the 3D compositing options enable you to work in a 3D environment, use a 3D camera tracker or Point Cloud and depth generation tools..